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A Little About Us

Set amidst green rolling hills and century old oak trees, White Oak Wedding Barn was recently built by our very own family members, Jeff and Bobby Jones, along with some great friends and family! Built on faith and family values, White Oak Wedding Barn is very excited to share the love and blessings our farm has to offer with our community!

White Oak Wedding Barn is nestled in between two ponds and sits on our 107 acre farm. White Oak Farm gets its name from our prized, 300-year old white oak tree just 30 feet from the Wedding Barn.

In the past, the property has been used as a working farm and has 2 original, nostalgic barns. The Wedding Barn was designed to incorporate the property's natural history and charm.

White Oak Wedding Barn has the class and elegance to make the wedding of your dreams achievable, while still giving a farm feel with beautiful outdoor scenery. We are perfectly designed for weddings; all that is missing- you! We invite you to come and stroll through the farm at White Oak Wedding Barn.

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The Dream Team

Meet the faces that turned our dreams into a reality!

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Jeff Jones

Jeff is our main builder and designer for White Oak Wedding Barn. His hard work and brains is what made our dream farm a reality!

Bobby Jones

Bobby is our second builder who has put in many hours at the farm to help create the Wedding Barn. Jeff and Bobby are an unstoppable duo!

Karen, Kelsey, and Karlee Jones

This mother-daughter trio has helped with the exterior and interior design of the barn. Not only do they help keep the boys fed and on-track, they also make great cheerleaders!

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Others who helped

Unforgettable friends and family who put their time and work in to help us achieve our dream wedding venue!

Russell Wood


Jaron Wood


Chet Cretsinger


Jill Hicks


Jessa Wood and Nathan Downs

About Us: Services
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